Mood/Anxiety Disorders

If you believe or know that you have a problem with mood disorders there is help.  I have over fourteen years of experience and am licensed in Mental Health counseling with a vast knowledge of many different treatment options and approaches.  I understand that these problem can seem overwhelming at times and others seem to be aware of it before you do.  It is difficult to find a therapist that can truly understand and help when you are suffering from a mood disorder.  Often family members and other people in the medical profession appear to become ineffective there is help.  I am providing links to sites so that you may be able to become more informed about some support options that are available to you on the internet (although I do not endorse them directly).  I provide individual, family, adolescent and group counseling for anyone with these disorders.  I work in all aspects of these disorders utilizing Rational Emotive Behavioral therapy, Systematic Desensitization, Behavioral Modification with specific goals and task oriented assignments.  I am very well respected in the community being able to access and direct patients who require more intensive care to both private and public facilities within this community.  Often people with mood disorders have been diagnosed with coexisting substance abuse problems, I have specialized training in working with dual disorders.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to schedule a consultation / evaluation so that we may discuss what types of treatment may work for you.

For information on depression and Bi-Polar disorder you may click here for a support site

For anxieties, depression and phobias you may click here for a support site

If you're not certain that you have a mood disorder you may investigate some of the criteria that all mental health professionals use to decide this diagnosis you may click here and look for mood or anxiety disorders. 

Please don't hesitate to access these sites and try to contact me or anyone available in your area when you want help.  Often the window of opportunity for someone seeking counseling for a mood disorder closes very quickly.  Please understand that psychotropic medications alone do not always resolve the core problem.  It is strongly recommended that medication be taken along with psychotherapy to gain the greatest results.

If this is an emergency do not wait for a response to your inquiry. 
Dial your local emergency 911 immediately!