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                Private mental health, couples,  and addictions and alcoholism counseling in Florida since 1994....

holistic therapies, horticulture, scuba therapy, massage, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy  and herbal life restructuring.

Victim advocasy against domestic violance, Power and Control, emotional, financial, physical and sexual abuse Florida and Colorado! and These United States. 

Advocate for your driving privaleges or to meet a court  or probation order or to reunite with your family, children  wife or husband!


Don't allow anyone to manipulate you and find joy in your independence... We hear you,,, Don't turn to drugs/alcohol  or anger in retaliation. or abuse.  I will help and am now an Expert Witness of the debilitating actions that the general population defer against non gender specific abuse rights and equality....


Welcome to

(national substance abuse treatment)

As a spiritualy  based counselor I am

Advanced and Integrated with Mental Health Healing theraputically...

If you have a busy lifestyle and would still like to take charge of your ADDICTION, ALCOHOLISM, marriage, or has the legalization of Pot in Colorado led you to DAB addiction or MENTAL ILLNESS or well-being to improve your life, call or email me:

                                                  904-215-5282, or,                


and experience my

 Integrated holistic and emotional healing as the treatment for you. See what my experience can do for you.


Daily problems can seem as if they are weighing heavily on your heart, mind and spirit. By days end, weeks, months or years, we realize that many of our issues begin to reappear to remind us they are not resolved and that we have blamed others rather than accepting them as our own. These problems may be blocked in our body, beginning to appear as physical pain, cancer or overwhelming sadness, anger or depression or BLAME. My integrated approach  with combined therapies is designed specifically for each clients needs.


Let me help you challange your depression, anxiety, addiction, marital problems and physical symptoms! I am  knowledgeable in many forms of advanced modalities to assist you in addressing your mental health and somatic/physical needs. My services of sessions and a thorough evaluation includes counseling  hypnotherapy, marital, group and individual sessions.

Sometimes drug and alcohol counseling can both be independent and court mandated. I offer alternative therapies  with integrated aromatherapy, auricular techniques and self hypnosis to help with health related issues, drug and alcohol , smoking cessation and withdrawal, depression and anxiety, somatic pain CAN BE ADDRESSED and I can help you find peace by teaching stress reduction, meditation 12 step methods, breathing and dietary direction for optimal brain, recovery from addictions mental health and overall wellbeing.


I offer a wide range of services relating to health and wellness in the continental United States or abroad, virtually, by phone, Skype or at your location. Learn more about this specialized approach and the benefits of turning to this for your health and learn these stress reduction methods.

Stressed out, anxious, sad, memories from the past causing problems. Are you under attack at the hand of your thoughts or even things other people are saying and doing to you? no one seems to understand and feeling unsure, being abused by civil and family law injustice, I can help and understand. 

Been falsely accused of domestic abuse? Have you been  drawn into Common Law nightmares? Can't find help? Been duped by metaphysicl abuse?Problems in your family?relationship or christian recognized  marriage, communication breakdown,  men and womens advocate against emotional physical financial and domestic violence in partner or marital    problems?

Addiction, drinking for relief, can't stop the thinking or just seeking serenity. Dont turn to drugs and alcohol when your partnership, career or income are threatened. I am your advocate for help.

Finding Joy and Harmony within both Body and Mind with self awareness

 Treatments may include:

Indepth psychosocial and holistic approaches, evaluation, Life coaching, Hypnotherapy, self hypnosis, integration to nutrition, understanding of aroma and herbal remedies,insight into acupressure skills,  aromatherapies, addiction cessation, psychotherapy, communication skills, introspective self actualization training, self meditation and grounding skills, mindfulness training, behavioral change, understanding reiki and  self sufficiency.

Welcome to my website and a begining to Healing Therapy! If you have a busy lifestyle and would still like to take charge of your health and well-being and improve your life, Craig P Kurtz has now Advanced and Integrated therapy and available to change your life.....

Welcome to Craig P Kurtz LMHC,PA and  an Integrated Healing Approach!

I offer a wide range of services relating to health and wellness in the continental United States or abroad, virtually, by phone, skype or at your location. Learn more about our specialized approach and the benefits of turning to us for your health and wellness needs. Browse through my website to find out how we can put your body and mind on a healthy track for life.

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